How many of your patients are still suffering because of problems with muscle inhibition?


How many real causes are you missing?


Can you Confidently Diagnose and Treat Muscle Inhibition?

Muscle Inhibition is THE unrecognised epidemic in healthcare.

For ANY musculoskeletal condition (damage to the physical body), muscle inhibition is EITHER the CAUSE or the RESULT of that damage.

That’s why, whether you’re practising Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Personal Training or Rehabilitation, if you don’t know how to diagnose and treat Muscle Inhibition, you’re missing huge amounts of clinical success.

Muscle inhibition (subnormal firing of motor neurons) results in muscle weakness and low muscle tone, sarcopenia and susceptibility to injury and degenerative change. It is associated with

  • Poor posture
  • Decreased endurance
  • Decreased flexibility
  • Impaired stability
  • Increased morbidity
  • Increased mortality
  • Increased injury

Muscles are contracting ALL of the time, even when they are totally AT REST. In fact, even in total relaxation, ANTERIOR MOTOR NEURONS are sending messages to EVERY MUSCLE FIBRE at a rate of 50 TIMES A SECOND.

How does that happen?

Do you think that every muscle fibre is being sent messages from the brain to contract like that? Does the brain control muscle tone?


The frequency of firing of motor neurons depends mostly on messages that arise in the muscle spindle cells.


Anterior Motor Neurons are very complex. Each one receives 10,000 inputs, some facilitatory and some inhibitory. Not all of those inputs come from the brain.

IF there are more INHIBITORY inputs than normal, a muscle might NOT receive sufficient oomph from the anterior motor neurons to contract strongly or quickly enough to resist the forces the joint is being subjected to.

That’s where most injuries come from, and that’s why you need to become EXPERT at identifying muscle weakness.

If you don’t know how to find it, you might miss this guy’s shoulder inhibition.

You might also miss this woman’s overall weakness (There is no audio on this clip)

These patients have been everywhere and seen everyone. This woman even had surgery to cut the nerves to her eye (her words, not sure what was actually done) to no avail. The day her dental crown was removed, her headache vanished and never returned.

What would you have done with this woman?

Would you have made the correct diagnosis?

Watch this guy’s journey to better health and wellbeing.

“Not as lethargic, brighter in personality… A lot, lot better in myself, and it’s more noticable… was breathless and lazy… not as cranky as I used to be.”


The quality of NERVOUS SYSTEM OUTPUT depends on the quality of the INPUT.

INPUT comes from our Senses (and Sensors), many of which are located in our SKIN and MUCOUS MEMBRANES.

What about this young woman, with 12 years of hell behind her.

What if you could cure your patient's Low Back Pain by removing their nose piercing?

Or their belly piercing?

What if you could figure out the cause of their Fibromyalgia?

Or their Gall Stones?