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A Few Glowing Testimonials

  • The most logical and rational approach to muscle testing, diagnosis and patient betterment that I have read, listened to or practiced.

    Alan Jenks
    Chiropractor, Netherlands
  • This course has changed my life and my understanding of what Chiropractic can do.

    Nothing short of brilliant, thank you Simon for your tireless efforts.

    Highly recommended to anyone thinking about going!

    Mark Tucker
    Chiropractor, London
  • Hey Simon,

    I hope you are well. I just wanted to thank you for your genius!  

    You have totally changed the way I practice, for the better, and that has made my life better. 

    I really enjoyed the video of you treating the patient and it took my understanding to another level.

    Please send more of this kind of stuff.  

    Grant Pretorius
    Chiropractor, London
  • I would strongly recommend Afferent Input to anybody who is willing to challenge their beliefs about Chiropractic and who is willing to train hard to become proficient in muscle testing. In fact I have to say that learning how to muscle test with confidence and without using too much force is not the easiest thing to do and it took me about one year of training to become decent at it. Now that I am able to muscle test a strong athlete as well as a 80 years old lady, virtually every patient encounter has become fun, rewarding and successful. As a last year student, I can’t wait to use the full Afferent Input technique on my patients

    Umberto Gemignani
    Chiropractor, Luxembourg