30 Jan 2017

Involuntary Neck Movements caused by Apicectomy

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An interesting case showcasing afferent input.

A young man with a diagnosis of torticollis (which was really involuntary movement) and winging of the scapulae.

I diagnosed the cause of his nerve interference on his first visit and here you can see the 4 week and 6 month follow-up.

If you look carefully you will see this is NOT ordinary muscle testing, this is afferent input testing.

Who knew an apicectomy could have such effects?



For the full video with diagnosis, see the September Webinar


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  1. Jonathan Lubetzky

    Hi Simon,
    Just had a patient with 4 x apicoectomy of the upper anterior teeth – filled with mercury. Fortunately she had already found a Huggins trained dentist who removed them before she got to me. Systemic weakness was still present however as the denture she received still had uncured monomer – easily resolved with UV light! Love your work!

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