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Learn How to Predict Outcomes and Create Robustness in Every Patient


11154197 - chiropractor adjusting a female patient


19327906 - cervical mobilization manual therapy cervical spine


19637014 - hip mobilization therapy by physiotherapist in hospital to beautiful woman

How to RESTORE Strength

without exercise

by finding and fixing muscle inhibition



Treat and Prevent Injury



Increase Strength



Improve Flexibility

AFFERENT INPUT isn’t just a SYSTEM of 

diagnosis and treatment;

It’s a paradigm that takes the GUESSWORK out of 


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These practitioners were once as sceptical as you are

  • Excellent seminar on muscle testing. I’ve been on other seminars which have been overwhelming and left one not knowing where to start. Here there is a logical approach so one leaves with a sense of how to apply it. Friendly and approachable. Numbers kept low enough to allow a good level of individual attention.

    Andrew Hunter
  • Simple, straightforward and will take your diagnosis to a new level. No other course covers so much in so little time. Recommended for any manual therapist interested in improving their results straight away.

    John Taberman-Pichler
  • The system of muscle testing that Simon King has developed is head and shoulders above any muscle testing protocol I have studied. It has changed the way I practice and has raised my clinical certainty. It takes time and patience to learn but your patients will be much better off.

    Grant Pretorius
  • I have to say hand on heart learning the proprioceptive medicine/Afferent input paradigm has completely changed my approach to patient care and diagnostic skills. Since attending my first seminar with Simon I have since become qualified in AK and now practice and hone my skills in Afferent Input. My success with patients and work enjoyment helped me from throwing the towel in on chiropractic. My hope now is to become more proficient in the skills I have acquired.

    I strongly urge you to attend a seminar, or at the very least follow the on line free course for a taster. I assure you will not look back. It’s also a great group to be part of with all members there to help each other..

    Peter Busst
  • Simon changed the way I practiced in 2002 when I saw a video of Lesley Paxton returned to health. I have since been learning and developing my muscle testing skills with Simons guidance and support. Any chiropractor who wants to really understand what chiropractic is really capable of should investigate muscle testing, Afferent Input Technique and Simons courses. I can’t imagine what my career would be like without the knowledge I have gained from Simon. I can’t thank him enough and would encourage anyone to seek him out to learn from.

    Matthew Pigden
  • Best thing I ever did.

    Just wanted to thank you for the great courses, and I am using the knowledge from the courses on every patient I have, and they couldn’t be happier. This really is accelerates the Philosophy from structure to function.

    Leif Petter Sigmundstad
"I can lift heavier weights INSTANTLY"

A Strongman with 11 World Titles to his name, explains how he benefits from treatment using Afferent Input Principles