December Webinar

This month webinar focused on human movement and how better understanding the way our bodies move can help us to become better practitioners.

The webinar started with some basic questions regarding our body.

What is the basic function of the lower part of the body?

What about the one of the upper body?

Reflecting on these movements has resulted in the development of a new test for psoas, which can reveal some important inhibition in the musculature of a patient.

To show how these tests can be used, Simon shows two videos in which he finds this new test positive on two different patients.

The first case shows a woman with a 4 year history of several muscular and organic issues. In this video the new psoas test can be seen, plus the video shows how the Alarm Point Technique can quickly lead to find a really interesting solution to the patient’s problems.

The second case shows an acute low back patient who has a bilateral weakness of this new psoas test.

The video is really useful as it shows how to position the patient prone in order to use muscle activation to find the solution.

In the end a lumbar adjustment restores the patient’s musculature and the patient leaves the treatment room completely pain free.

Finally, a christmassy Simon shows some standing tests to assess a patient’s ability of twist, followed by a Q&A with the online students.

To check out the full DECEMBER WEBINAR recording, click on the image below.


Thanks for the webinar yesterday. Again really useful stuff. I’m so excited about how much more effective I can be now. I’m learning so much more and thanks for seeing so many of my patients this past year. Every one has been a valuable learning experience. – Patrick Thomas, Chiropractor

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Simon King has been a health practitioner for 30 years. offers a new paradigm that can quickly resolve long-term and difficult health issues.

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