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A free course to introduce the anatomy and physiology necessary to understand the Afferent Input Paradigm.

Section 1Overview
Lecture 1Overview of Afferent Input
Lecture 2Redefining Health
Section 2Essential Anatomy
Lecture 3Muscle Spindle Cells
Lecture 4BONUS CONTENT - Testing muscles for strength
Lecture 5Anterior Motor Neurons
Section 3Laws of Physiology
Lecture 6The Myotatic Reflex
Lecture 7BONUS CONTENT - Assessing Muscle Tone
Lecture 8The Withdrawal Reflex
Lecture 9The Law of Reciprocal Inhibition
Lecture 10BONUS CONTENT - Stretch and Full Contraction
Lecture 11Muscle Control
Lecture 12[ADVANCED] Feed-back muscle control
Lecture 13References

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