7 Feb 2017

Calcium as an essential nutrient

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In the January Webinar

We covered Calcium and it’s role as an essential macro-nutrient.

It turns out Calcium is such a big topic, it’s really hard to do it justice in an hour, but some of the topics we covered included:

  • Calcium in and its role in the actin-myosin cross-bridges that leads to muscle contraction.
  • We also covered temporal and spatial summation of motor unit activity to regulate smooth skeletal muscle function.
  • Calcium’s role in bone formation, linking to recent research associating osteocalcin with blood glucose control.
  • I presented papers covering calcium’s role in cell-mediated immunity, particularly in its ability to promote T lymphocyte function, important in infection control.
  • Parathyroid hormone and how it regulates blood calcium
  • Osteoporosis in paraplegia and weightlessness
  • Conventional wisdom for calcium and calcium supplementation
  • Food sources of calcium and the best supplements to use including the research that supports using plant-based calcium.

The full webinar is available here






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