Learn How to Predict Outcomes and Create Robustness in Every Patient




How to RESTORE Strength

without exercise

by finding and fixing muscle inhibition



Treat and Prevent Injury



Increase Strength



Improve Flexibility

AFFERENT INPUT isn’t just a SYSTEM of 

diagnosis and treatment;

It’s a paradigm that takes the GUESSWORK out of 


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Featured Instructor

Simon King

Founder of the Association of Afferent Input Practitioners
Simon King has been a health practitioner for 30 years. AfferentInput.org offers a new paradigm that can quickly resolve long-term and difficult health issues.
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These practitioners were once as sceptical as you are

A Strongman with 11 World Titles to his name, explains how he benefits from treatment using Afferent Input Principles

"I can lift heavier weights INSTANTLY"