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“Just wanted to thank you for the great courses, and I am using the knowledge from the courses on every patient I have, and they couldn’t be happier. This really is accelerates the Philosophy from structure to function.”
Leif Petter Sigmundstad, Physiotherapist, Sweeden

“Life changing is all I can say, phenomenal results and happy patients. Never been so content as a practitioner as I have been since learning these skills, thank you.”
Mark Tucker, Chiropractor, London

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“The most logical and rational approach to muscle testing, diagnosis and patient betterment that I have read, listened to or practiced.”
Alan Jenks, Chiropractor, Netherlands

“Just wanted to say THANK YOU for opening my eyes again to the effectiveness of correct and proper muscle testing and the amazing approach you have developed to find weak patterns and their cause that i would never have contemplated before attending your course. It has given me great confidence and has empowered me to help more people. “
Terry Coulits, Chiropractor, Sydney, Australia